Tuesday, October 15, 2013

"Painting a Still Life" Video Preview

I am pleased to share a preview for my upcoming instructional video first announced a few weeks ago. 

With the final edits being made, I can now share that it will be available for purchase as a download from my website on October 28, 2013:

I hope you enjoy the preview!


  1. 10/28 : It's Christmas for me !!!!!
    The preview is fantastic : Professional.


  2. Oh yea, very interesting. It will be on my wish list. Would enjoy seeing your process and will be looking at it closely as you finish it up. So the questions are, what all are you going to try and cover and what type of price point are thinking about?

  3. Thank you Franck and Jim. I hope you will both find the video useful when it is available. The video gives a good overview of the whole process. Some of the things covered are why I selected the objects in the painting, considerations for my design, the stages the preliminary drawing went through, how I transferred the image to my linen support, the reasoning behind the color choices, how I mixed up my palette for this particular painting, and the actual painting stages I went through. Throughout all of that, I tried to throw in as many (illustrated) insights as I could that would help explain how I was thinking. Some examples are color-space, predicting mixtures using color-space, conceptual vs. optical thinking, and how light interacts with objects. Unfortunately, with some more numbers to work out regarding distribution costs I can’t give an exact price just yet. All I can say right now is there definitely won’t be more than two digits for you to worry about!