Friday, June 27, 2014

Get More Confident With Color: Upcoming Evening “Light and Color” Session

Evening “Light and Color” Session
Grand Central Academy of Art, Monday, July 14, 2014.

Very often color is a mysterious area for many artists, leaving them questioning not only the colors they observe but also how to consistently mix up those colors!  I know early on I had these same concerns and it took me many years to gain a color framework that took these mysteries away.

During each of my workshops I offer a lecture/discussion centered on color – establishing a common framework for all the participants to make use of during the remainder of the workshop.

For my upcoming 6 day still life workshop at the Grand Central Academy of Art I will be giving this lecture/discussion on the first evening of the workshop.   And, for the first time ever, this session will be open to individuals beyond the workshop’s participants! Through a combination of images, props and often enthusiastic hand gestures I will be sharing information on:

-Color terminology.

-Organizing colors in a color-space model.

-Understanding fundamentals of how light works and affects our perceptions of an object’s local color and its shading.

 -Principles behind color mixing.

-How I go about designing a palette for a painting or a particular subject.

This approximately three-hour session will be packed with as much information as I can squeeze in — with time available for questions from the group.

If you can attend, I can’t wait to share with you the most critical ideas related to color that help me in each of my own paintings so that hopefully you can feel more confident in your own color decisions!

 (For more information (including how to register) for either the workshop or the evening lecture please click "HERE."

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